Off White St. Louis – The Highlights

3 May

Anne Dress, me, Darcy Dress

Well, that went off with nary a hitch (ha-ha).  Enormous thanks to Brea Photography for the gorgeous photos and for organizing the event, and to Anne for doing all the driving.

I sewed my heinie off until 5 am the day before the event, making me wonder if we do in fact have downstairs neighbors, and if so, whether they are bartenders, because they never seem to notice that I am sewing until late into the night. Either way, I’m grateful.

For Off White I decided to show some old designs, including my collaboration with Jane Van Cleef for my own wedding dress, now called the Van Cleef, the Jasper, which I wore for my wedding breakfast, a new convertible point d’esprit confection called the Darcy, and the Anne Dress in cream shantung.  All the way down to St. Louis I panicked about how I would show the Darcy’s transition from full-skirted gown to fun reception dress (or, as I like to call it “Look, I have a skirt!” to “Oh wait, no I don’t”) on the runway.

Van Cleef, Jasper, and Darcy Dresses at Off White St. Louis

Brea did an amazing job transforming a former glass factory into a perfect showcase for indie vendors of all sorts. I loved being part of a community of such incredible talent – why would you buy something off the shelf when you can have something personalized, handmade, and gorgeous to boot?

I met some other wonderful designers  as well as milliners, ceramicists, stationers, and all sorts of other people who make me wish that I could get married all over again (oh wait – I do have to get married all over again. Ah, well).  Delicious smells wafted from the catering kitchen into the main event area, and every table had gorgeous floral arrangements, many incorporating unusual elements like tree branches and cherry blossoms, hand-cut paper banners, and hand-sewn tablecloths.

cake, wood carvings, and more cake!

See below for a link to pics from Off White and more goodness, and for a taste of the incredible day!

Mignonette Designs on Flickr


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