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Hah! A Mancave!

22 Jul

this is Glamour Mag's idea of the perfect mancave. Hmm....

Oh my gosh, I totally thought of this for the new Mignonette store!
I’m so glad that others think it’s a good idea:
Denim Habit Store Will Have A Mancave

Speaking of the store, tomorrow we go up to Michigan for the unassumingly-titled Michigan Antiques and Collectibles Fair, and 80-acre antique fair. 80 acres! My spidey senses are on alert for some plus-sized dress forms that I can actually afford, and some dirt-cheap armoires, wardrobes, sideboards, and wee little side tables with scrolly legs that I can paint white to hold inventory.
After meeting so many great vendors at Indie Wed yesterday I am pooped, but energized for getting the store together. As each day passes I get a little bit closer to my dream!