Ten million things to do, not nearly enough time in which to do them

29 Aug

The Mignonette Bridal store is kicking into high gear this month, and that means a total rebranding, complete with decent photos, a logo that doesn’t change every five minutes, and maybe even more-frequent blog posts. Maybe.  Though I think I’m a pretty good designer when it comes to dresses, unfortunately my creative talents do not extend to graphics, layout, or basically anything that needs to be readable. I’ve been working with a web designer and a branding expert, plus a general life/business coach, to help me figure out what I want Mignonette to be when it grows up. This is all terribly exciting, and expensive, so I’m getting the most bang for my buck, and meeting tons of nice people along the way. One thing I will say for Chicago is that the kids here who are in the biz to be creative AND make money take their craft really seriously.

I’m so pleased to be surrounded by other people who want to run a handmade business (and, by extension, live a handmade life) in earnest and not just as a hobby.On Thursday of last week I set up a shoot with local favorite Allison Williams to get some images of recent dresses, and I enlisted a large group of the aforementioned serious artists to help me! Here are some super-quickie outtakes (and by outtakes I mean pics I took with my iphone, so don’t blame the photographer) from the shoot: the dreamy, outdoorsy images are from Logan Square, and were inspired by Mario Testino’s images of Kate Moss, and the Grace Coddington/Georges Brassai shoot featured in The September Issue. Very interesting to see how my work looks in different locations on different models! Huge thanks to the team: Flowers by Fleur, hats by Sarah Azzouzi, styling by Shanti Gomez, silver jewelry by Moira K. Lime, fancy headbands by My Lavaliere, Swarovski jewelry by DuSorelle, makeup by Angie Nguyen, and eventually there will be better, prettier photographs by Allison Williams.

Very excited for the days ahead!!!!!!!!

Thursdays in the park with Mignonette

To boost my craziness level even higher, I also had a second, flash mob-style shoot on Sunday with 7 models, 11 photographers, and 4 makeup artists, all organized by the lovely Ms. Nguyen as part of her monthly photographer’s meetup series. This shoot was incredibly different – very glamorous, with darker makeup and a group of very tall, very tiny Amazons. Each girl left the styling room bristling with pins and bulldog clips, but darn if they didn’t all look gorgeous from the front! The shoot was held at the fashionable and luxurious Envy Chicago in the heart of downtown – I watched the models work it on the rooftop terrace while enjoying the gloriously chic (and warm!) common room. SO fun to see my work on a completely different group of girls! Thanks, Angie!


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