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New York, New York – Quickie Pic Post

20 Sep the Van Cleef in Central Park

Anne and I drove out to Brooklyn last week so that I could have fittings with a bride who is getting married in October and needs a dress asap. We had four whirlwind days of fabric shopping, fitting, visiting, looking at photos, and frantic sewing sessions, resulting in a dress that can best be described thusly:
Cream snakeskin over cream silk chiffon, with a gold leather belt.
No seriously.
The dress started out as cream chiffon, a bride’s mainstay, with some kind of striped metallic lace over it, and then, as we spent more time in Mood (my favorite fabric store and the only one I will take my NY brides to), I noticed that my bride still wasn’t really smiling or loving any of the options.
I took her over to the costume and theatrical fabric section of the store, where she immediately pounced on a shiny, segmented cream faux snakeskin. It shimmers subtly and drapes beautifully, and I can’t wait to finish it and watch her walk down the aisle. Every time she came for a fitting and I wrapped the snakeskin around her shoulders she broke into the biggest, most gorgeous smile. What makes this whole process of designing custom wedding gowns really special for me is not just getting to make something pretty, because I sew all the time, it’s helping someone look the way they always envisioned themselves looking. I’m really happy that we stuck it out until she found something that reflected how unique, gorgeous, and special she really is. This dress is going to be nuts in the best way and I’m so excited to see it.

the Van Cleef in Central Park

The Van Cleef looking dreamy in Central Park

Also last week, because I too am nuts in the best way and love to over-commit, I was part of a bridal photo shoot with Sasha Chou Photography in Central Park. I have really been wanting to set up another shoot in New York, so this was the perfect opportunity, and I was doubly pleased because I got to work with an Asian model, finally. I don’t know if I’m advertising in the wrong place or what, but I have the hardest time finding Asian models, so Sasha asked a beautiful friend who is a tv personality on Sinovision to come be part of the shoot.
The Rhodes Dress on Eliz, Central Park 2011

Rhodes on Eliz, Central Park, Sept 2011

I wasn’t able to be there because I was busy sewing the cuff of my shirt to the lining of a wedding dress (not really, but we had some close moments), but Sasha did an incredible job and really captured some wonderful moments. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!


Pics from last week!

10 Sep

I just got some amazing shots from the shoot we did with Allison Williams a couple weeks ago and I’m so excited to share them that my little heart is just pounding. Without further ado, the incredible gorgeousness of a perfect morning in Palmer Square with five brides and no groom. UPDATE: Allison posted an awesome recap on her blog with some of her favorites from the shoot. Hooray!
Read HERE!

The Anna dress on Lauren

Things that make it all worth it

10 Sep

I recently finished up a wave of gowns and am taking a little breather before fittings start again next week (and kicking myself for agreeing to not only fit and create an elaborate dress in one week, but also throw a photo shoot into the middle of it. I am clearly a masochist). I’ve been wondering what to do with myself since I don’t have any sewing deadlines, and frankly suffering a bit of wedding withdrawal! Imagine how nice it was to open my mailbox today and find a cd stuffed to the gills with pictures from Jessica and Tim’s June wedding in Boston, gorgeously shot by Breck Sargent. One look at these sweet shots and I was, as we say in my house, fuhklempt.

Buttoned up

Photos by Breck Sargent Photography. Bride’s gown and sash by Mignonette; groom and ringbearer’s ties by Erin Salez. Cuteness provided by Jessica and Tim.